Microsoft Excel 2010 & Excel 2010 Adaptive

Tests for all functions of Microsoft Excel 2010

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Microsoft Excel 2010 is the spreadsheet component of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite. The Microsoft Excel 2010 simulation evaluates the candidate’s experience in sorting and filtering data, creating and applying functions and formulas, modifying cell formatting and content, viewing and printing workbooks, managing workbooks and worksheets, adding headers, footers and page breaks, creating and labeling charts and pivot tables, using conditional formatting and conditional statements, setting a print area, configuring worksheet protection settings, securing and sharing workbooks, utilizing various data tools, and presenting data in different visual models.

Languages Available – English (US)
Average Testing Time – 35 minute time limit
Number of Sittings – One
Designed for Unproctored Environment – Yes
Question Format – Simulation

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Competencies Measured

Measures knowledge and skills of the following Microsoft Excel 2010 topics:

Applying Formulas and Functions
Creating and Analyzing Data
Formatting Cells, Data, and Content
Managing Workbooks and Worksheets
Presenting Data Visually
Printing and Views
Sharing, Maintaining, and Securing Workbooks


The Microsoft Excel 2010 (adaptive) test measures knowledge of Excel 2010. Designed for experienced users, this test covers the following topics: Advanced User Features, Functions and Analytical Tools, Multiple Worksheets, Printing and Views, Privacy and Security, Tables and Graphics, Workbook and Worksheet Features, and Worksheet Formatting.

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology dynamically adjusts the test to the level of the test taker resulting in shorter test times, increased accuracy and enhanced security.

Job Level: Professional Individual Contributor, Mid-Professional
Languages: English/French (CAN)
Average Testing Time (minutes): 20
Allowed Time (minutes): 90
Maximum Number of Questions: 30
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Unproctored Environment: Yes
Question Format: Multiple Choice – Adaptive Product

Test Topics

Advanced User Features
• Backstage View
• Customize the Ribbon
• File Compatability and Conversion
• Slicers and Sparklines
• Watch Window

Functions and Analytical Tools
• Advanced Analysis
• Advanced Functions
• Common Functions
• Macros and Custom Functions

Multiple Worksheets
• 3D Formulas
• Data Export
• Data Import
• Linking

Print and Views
• Headers and Footers
• Page Breaks
• Print Features
• Viewing

Privacy and Security
• Cell Protection
• Precedents and Dependents
• Workbook Protection
• Worksheet Protection

Tables and Graphics
• Charts
• General Tables
• Images and Pictures
• PivotTables

Workbook and Worksheet Features
• Blank Workbooks and Templates
• Cell and Range Names
• Data Features
• Formula Evaluation
• Workbook Add-ins

Worksheet Formatting
• Advanced Formatting
• Conditional Formatting
• Copy and Move Data
• Number Formatting
• Text Formatting

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