Minnesota Clerical Test

Clerical speed/accuracy, number/name comparison, ideal for detailed oriented jobs.


When the Ability to Process Information Quickly is Key, Select One of the Best Tests for Clerical Speed and Accuracy

Whether you’re hiring bank tellers, administrative assistants, data processors, or cashiers, this easy-to-administer clerical test lets you know who can perform swiftly and accurately.

The test has two parts: Number Comparison (8 minutes) and Name Comparison (7 minutes). Each part has 200 items and each item presents a pair of numbers or names, either identical or slightly different. The examinee must correctly select the pairs with elements that are identical. The two parts are timed and scored separately.

Use the test as a counseling tool for those considering clerical or administrative positions.

Predictive validity data are reported for detail-oriented jobs.

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