Sales Manager – Short Form

For mid-level sales positions in which employees proactively sell products to customers.

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The Sales Professional solution is for entry to mid-level sales positions in which employees proactively sell products to customers, develop relationships with repeat customers, and have their pay and/or performance heavily based on sales revenue. Sample tasks for these jobs include, but are not limited to: promoting products to customers, persuading customers to buy products, and building ongoing customer relationships. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Sales Consultant, Sales Representative, and Account Representative.

Job Level – Mid-Professional
Job Family/Title – Sales Suite
Languages Available – English (US)
Average Testing Time – (minutes) 62 minutes

Deductive Reasoning – This assessment measures the ability to draw logical conclusions based on information provided, identify strengths and weaknesses of arguments, and complete scenarios using incomplete information. It provides an indication of how an individual will perform when asked to develop solutions when presented with information and draw sound conclusions from data. This form of reasoning is commonly required to support work and decision making in many different types of jobs at many levels. This report provides information regarding an individual’s ability to use sound logic to solve problems, strengthen arguments, and identify weaknesses in the propositions of others.

Management Potential – Management Potential

Leadership Professionalism – Professional Potential

Achievement – This component measures the tendency to set and accomplish challenging goals, while persisting in the face of significant obstacles. This trait is characterized by: working hard; taking satisfaction and pride in producing high-quality work; and being competitive.

Flexibility – This component measures the tendency to work effectively despite changes in coworkers, settings, and environment. This trait is expressed as one’s desire for variety and flexibility in work, and a comfort level in the midst of changing circumstances.

Confidence and Optimism – This component measures the tendency to have belief in one’s own ability to get the job done. This trait supports optimism in the face of rejection and a feeling of being successful and competent in a variety of areas.

Thoroughness – This component measures the tendency to be thorough and precise in approaching work and personal activities. This trait is characterized by: being accurate; finding and correcting errors; and maintaining order in work and personal affairs.

Sense of Duty – This component measures a person’s tendency to acknowledge and respect authority and to accept and comply with rules. This trait is demonstrated by: trustworthiness; protecting sensitive or confidential information; following required procedures; and honoring one’s commitment to the organization.

Independence – This component measures the tendency of a person’s willingness to take action and to make decisions independently. This trait is revealed in: working effectively without immediate supervision; not being overly dependent on help from others; and being resourceful in the face of challenges.

Influence – This component measures the tendency of a person’s effectiveness in directing and influencing others. This trait is characterized by: persuading and negotiating effectively with others; influencing others’ decision-making; and coordinating others’ efforts to accomplish work.

Innovation – This component measures the tendency of one’s creativity in working through problems and making decisions. This trait is seen as: producing novel solutions to problems; using imagination to create unique ideas or products; and logically applying multiple and inventive strategies when considering alternatives.

Persistence – Persistence and Planfulness

Sales Potential – Sales Potential

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