Use the ChemTest to assess job candidates for knowledge of chemical principles like Acids, Bases & Salts, Compounds, Elements, Gases & Fluids

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Employee Engagement Survey

The Employee Engagement Survey helps obtain a snapshot of an employee’s current attitude toward their work, their job, and the organization. It offers management insight into the organizational “vibe” and brings to light job issues that they may not be aware of.

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InstrumenTest (Refinery)

The InstrumenTest (Refinery) helps select Instrument Technician candidates and tests 7 critical competencies, including: Mathematics & Basic AC/DC Theory, Analog & Digital Electronics and Power Supplies, Schematics and Elec. Print Reading, and Process Control.

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Job Stress Survey

Use the Job Stress Survey to assess sources of work-related stress and measure components of occupational stress associated with the job itself, and with supervisors, coworkers, or the policies and procedures of the organization.

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Machinist Test

Use the Machinist Test to assess journey-level machinist candidates for skills like assembly, print reading, rigging and lubrication.

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