Pre-selection tool for assessing knowledge of chemical principles for job/training.

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Assesses: Chemical knowledge

Skill Level: Journey-level

Test Format: 43 Items, Multiple-choice

Language: English


This test is intended for use for pre-employment selection or for assessing incumbents in jobs where the knowledge of chemical principles is a required part of training or job activity. Available in both online and paper formats.

Content Areas

Categories tested include:

Physical Knowledge

• Acids, Bases & Salts
• Compounds
• Elements
• Mechanical Principles
• Gases & Fluids
• Chemical Knowledge
• Miscellaneous including Lab Equipment

Product Statistics

Sample Size – 790
Mean Score – 23.03
Reliability(KR20) – 0.78
Std. Deviation – 6.21
Std. Error of Meas. – 2.91

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