Machinist Test

Assess journey-level machinists for heat treating, assembly, print reading, repair, tools.


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For use in selecting journey-level machinist candidates who have knowledge in the following areas: Heat Treating; Layout, Cutting, & Assembly; Print Reading; Steel, Metals, & Materials; Rigging; Mechanical Principles & Repair; Machine Tools; Tools, Material & Equipment; and Machine Shop Lubrication.

This test contains 60 items in a multiple-choice format. In a group of 198 candidates, reliability was .86 with a mean score of 32.03, a standard deviation of 9.33, and standard error of measurement of 3.49.

Machinist – Short Form available with 45 items in 6 different areas.

Sample Question

Calipers are used to:
A. measure inside and outside diameters.
B. remove packing from crates.
C. scribe circles.
D. lay out equal spaces.

The Machinist Short Form test was developed to measure the technical skills required by job applicants or incumbents for jobs where machining knowledge and skills are necessary parts of job activity. It can be used for both pre-hire selection or assessment of training needs.

Machinist Short Form is a 45-item, multiple-choice test and is a shorter version of the Machinist test. Job analysis conducted during the development of these assessments revealed that applicable job titles include:

• MACHINIST (machine shop)- Dictionary of Occupational Titles

The Machinist Short Form assesses the following knowledge areas:

 Layout, Cutting & Assembly
 Print Reading
 Rigging
 Mechanical Principles & Repair
 Machine Tools
 Tools, Material & Equipment

Sample Question

Calipers are used to
A. measure inside and outside diameters.
B. remove packing from crates.
C. scribe circles.
D. lay out equal spaces.

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