Administrative Assistant/Clerical Test

Measure grammar/spelling, filing, clerical procedures and adapt to company culture.


Purpose: It will help you identify the person who can deal with routine office assignments and clerical procedures as well as someone who can adapt to your office environment and your company culture.

Who Is It For: This test is designed for people who may or may not have much formal education and whose job is not particularly mentally demanding.

About the Test: This test battery has three parts (1) an untimed Grammar & Spelling test with 25 sentences that call for a multiple choice answer, (2) an untimed Filing Test with 80 multiple-choice questions. (3) a 127 question untimed personality inventory. This test will probably take most people about 90 minutes to complete although it will vary from person to person because all of the components are untimed.

What the Report Gives You: Graphical display of scores, explanation of aptitude results, list of Strengths and Developmental Concerns, and Suggested Interview Questions.

Testing Process: Online testing provides immediate reporting. Proctoring is desirable but not required.

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