Bank Teller Skills Test

Measures communication, numerical, attention to detail, coding, logic, teller skills.



To evaluate the suitability of candidates of all levels of experience for the position of bank teller.

General Description:

The Bank Teller Skills Test, from which a five-page report is provided to the client, consists of instruments measuring the following:

• verbal communication skills
• numerical skills
• attention to detail
• coding
• bank teller skills
• bank teller logic

This test is used to pre-screen job applicants and in-house personnel in the following positions:

• Bank Teller
• Bank Clerk

Job criteria measured:

• Verbal fluency – communication skills
• Numerical skills and reason
• Attention to administrative detail
• Coding with numbers and letters
• Ability to deal with situations within a Bank Teller environment
• Procedural ability within a Bank Teller environment

Test administration:

The tests require only clerical supervision to administer and take approximately 46 minutes to complete. The timed sections must be precisely timed. Candidates should be given the tests in a relatively quiet environment. More than one person can be tested at one time. It is important that the timed sections be timed to the second. Once the candidate begins, the test is self-instructive, and requires the following approximate times to complete:

Validation Information Available Upon Request

Available Languages:

• English
• French

Date introduced: 1994
Administration time: 1 Hour 40 minutes
Booklet version available

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