Comprehensive Personality Profile

The Comprehensive Personality Profile screens for roles such as customer service, telemarketing, and sales. Match personalities to position requirements.


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The Comprehensive Personality Profile is personality testing that is particularly effective for positions requiring significant client interaction such as customer service, telemarketing and sales. When used as a “sales test” reports are generated that discuss sales style and effective management techniques. Used in employment screening, it assigns a personality type to each candidate and suggests ways to improve employee motivation.


The Comprehensive Personality Profile provides a 15-page report that describes a candidate’s personality in terms of job-related strengths and weaknesses. The selection report is used in employment screening and allows you to match personalities to position requirements to optimize person/job fit. Management reports suggest job structures and tools for employee motivation that can increase each individual’s productivity.

The Comprehensive Personality Profile measures seven Primary Personality Traits:

  • Emotional Intensity
  • Intuition
  • Recognition Motivation
  • Sensitivity
  • Assertiveness
  • Trust
  • Good Impression

A Summary Profile identifies candidates as one of four common personality types; Driver, Supporter, Thinker or Motivator.

Other characteristics measured by CPP personality testing include energy level, people skills, sales potential, goal orientation, ability to perceive buyers’ needs, ability to close the sale, desire to provide after-the-sale service, desire to conform to management objectives and tolerance for staying at one work station. These characteristics contribute to the CPP’s reputation as a highly effective sales test.


The CPP is used in employment screening to assess job fit and develop targeted interview questions. It is also used with existing employees to improve communication, identify motivational tools and build effective teams.

Administration/Scoring options:

Administer with paper and pencil, score via PC or our automated fax-back service.
Administer and score using your PC. See system requirements below.
Administer and score on the Internet.

All options come with a user’s manual.

Alternate language versions: French and Spanish

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