Creativity and Innovation Effectiveness Profile

The Creativity and Innovation Effectiveness Profile assesses individual creativity and build business skills like willingness to experiment and take risks.

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Use the Creativity and Innovation Effectiveness Profile for helping to assess individual creativity and build business skills.   Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for skills like:

  • Willingness to Experiment and Take Risks
  • Courage and Resilience Levels

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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This 84 item, self scoring assessment provides a structured process for assessing individual creativity with the objective of improving business skills like pattern breaking, developing novel solutions or methods, creative perseverance, willingness to experiment, and nourishing new ideas; all critical skills to winning competitive advantage in any marketplace.

The Creativity and Innovation Effectiveness Profile assesses 7 competencies:

  • Creative Consciousness
  • Levels of Curiosity
  • Pattern Breaking Skills
  • Idea Nurturing Ability
  • Willingness to Experiment and Take Risks
  • Courage and Resilience Levels
  • Energetic Persistence

The assessment booklet includes interpretation of low and high scores, actions for low scorers and development planning forms to help individuals reach their creative potential.

Respondents report the frequency with which they engage in creative behaviours and other thinking activities. Higher frequency correlates with more pronounced predispositions to exercising creative and innovative abilities.

All individuals will rate some behaviours with lower frequency. These individual behaviours become the development opportunities for enhancing personal creativity.

This Facilitators Guide enables a trainer to lead a half-day workshop administering, scoring, and interpreting the Creativity/Innovation Effectiveness Profile. It includes templates for development planning and 84 sets of coaching tips. Each set of coaching tips is a behavioral prescription that can be provided to respondents where they score low to improve those creative qualities. This comprehensive Guide explains the underlying structure of the profile and helps facilitators to provide structured feedback.

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