Employee Aptitude Survey Test Series

10 tests for cognitive, perceptual, psychomotor, mental ability, flexibility, etc.


The Employee Aptitude Survey Test Series consists of 10 tests that measure cognitive, perceptual, and psychomotor abilities required for successful job performance in a wide variety of occupations.   Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for skills like:

  • Verbal Comprehension
  • Numerical Comprehension
  • Visual Speed & Accuracy
  • Space Visualization
  • Word Fluency

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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Designed for flexibility, the Employee Aptitude Survey Test Series consists of 10 tests that measure cognitive, perceptual, and psychomotor abilities required for successful job performance in a wide variety of occupations.  A General Mental Ability (GMA) battery and other suggested test batteries developed for major occupational groups have been identified to maximize validity and utility. the Employee Aptitude Survey Test Series can be provided in individual or group administration and is fast and simple.  Most of the tests take only 5 minutes; each test is confined to a single sheet with clear instructions printed on the face of the test sheet.  They are easy to score by hand–stencils are provided for both right and wrong responses.

Extensive normative data available-the Examiner’s Manual provides the most commonly used norms for individual EAS tests and test batteries; the Supplemental Norms Report provides percentile norms for over 85 occupational and educational classifications based on over 210,000 test scores.  A wealth of research supports the validity of the EAS Test Series for predicting job performance and training success (160 criterion-related validity studies, including 725 validity coefficients).

Individual Employee Aptitude Survey Test Series Tests:

1. Verbal Comprehension Test-Measures ability to use words in oral and written communication and in planning. For executives, secretaries, professional personnel, high-level office workers. Timed, 5 minutes.

2. Numerical Ability Test-Measures ability to analyze logical numerical relationships and discover underlying principles for executives, supervisors, engineers, accountants, sales and clerical workers. Timed, 10 minutes.

3. Visual Pursuit Test-Measures speed and accuracy in visually tracing lines. For draftsmen, design engineers, checkers, technicians. Timed, 5 minutes.

4. Visual Speed and Accuracy Test-Measures ability to see details quickly and accurately. For bookkeepers, accountants, general office clerks, stenographers, machine operators. Most sales supervisors and executives should be above average. Timed, 5 minutes.

5. Space Visualization Test-Measures ability to visualize and manipulate objects mentally. Valuable for jobs that demand mechanical aptitude, such as draftsman, engineer, technician. Timed, 5 minutes.

6. Numerical Reasoning Test-Measures ability to analyze generalizations and see relationships. For technical, supervisory, and executive positions. Timed, 5 minutes.

7. Verbal Reasoning Test-Measures ability to analyze information and form conclusions based on that information. Valuable for jobs that require ability to organize, evaluate, and use information, such as administrative and technical decision making, supervisory, scientific, and accounting. Timed, 5 minutes.

8. Word Fluency Test-Measures flexibility in communication by requiring the examinee to write as many words as possible beginning with a specific letter. For oral or written expression typically needed by salespersons, journalists, representatives, writers, receptionists, secretaries, and executives. No scoring key needed. Timed, 5 minutes.

9. Manual Speed and Accuracy Test-Measures ability to make repetitive fine finger movements rapidly and accurately. For clerical workers, machine operators, technicians, and repairmen. No scoring key needed. Timed, 5 minutes.

10. Symbolic Reasoning Test-Measures ability to manipulate abstract symbols mentally and to make judgments and valid decisions. For evaluating high level science and technology workers, troubleshooters, data programmers, accountants, engineers, scientific personnel. Timed, 5 minutes.

Note: Stopwatch required. EAS #8 and #9 are not available in online format and provided only in paper




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