Leadership Fundamentals

Assesses front-line managers for every day leadership effectiveness/performance.

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Give your first-line managers the feedback they need. Use leadership fundamentals to assess your first-line managers – those that directly impact execution everyday. Based on research into how managers make a difference to team performance, this tool measures those competencies that set outstanding supervisors apart.

They are organized into four key areas:

• managing yourself – managing your own behaviour to increase your effectiveness

• managing the work – achieving results and resolutions

• managing your team – developing team members and holding them accountable

• managing collaboratively – interacting effectively with others outside your team.

Leadership fundamentals encourages managers to draw on their strengths, and sets out specific target levels that first-line managers can aspire to.

The Leadership Fundamentals is a 360º on-line tool that measures 13 competencies that differentiate outstanding supervisors or first-line managers.

Competency feedback is provided in terms of demonstrated level of sophistication. Each competency has a target level that differentiates the outstanding performers. Respondents provide their feedback on specific competency behaviors as well as verbatim comments.

Target Population: New Managers, Supervisors
Feedback: Developmental levels, Outstanding Target levels
No. of Items: 54
Administration Time: 27 min
Survey Languages: English, Greek, Spanish (Argentina)
Report Languages: English

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