Leadership Styles Workbook

Formerly called the Managerial Style Workbook, this assessment helps managers understand/improve their managerial styles and behaviours.

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Formerly called the Managerial Style Workbook, this test was renamed as the Leadership Style Workbook as of December 2015.

The MSW was recently updated to bring it in line with revisions to The inventory of leadership styles (ILS) and The organizational climate survey (OCS) 180-degree diagnostic surveys.

The changes are very minor and include:

• Renaming the word managerial to leadership throughout the workbook
• Renaming 3 of the style labels. Coercive, Authoritative, and Democratic will now be called Directive, Visionary, and Participative
• Renaming the workbook from Managerial Style Workbook to Leadership Style Workbook

Everything else, including the exercises, are exactly the same! If you are currently using the MSW workbook in a program, don’t panic! We still have stock available. Due to inventory levels, we will roll out the new LSW workbooks on Monday, December 14, 2015.

Everyone can recall their best manager – and their worst – and the specific things they did to boost (or dent) morale and performance. This workbook gives managers a chance to understand, and improve, their own managerial style. Research has identified six styles that managers use to bring out the best in their teams. By matching the right style to a given situation, managers can make a positive impact on the business.

Use the Leadership style workbook (LSW) to help your managers:

• understand which of the six styles they use most frequently
• compare what they do with what their situation requires of them
• get tips on when a particular style is more, or less, effective
• start to think about areas for action and improvement.

Why choose the LSW?
This workbook gives managers a chance to understand their own managerial style, reflect on whether it suits the situations they face, and make appropriate changes.

The LSW is a simple tool that introduces the six managerial styles, which are:

• Directive
• Visionary
• Affiliative
• Participative
• Pacesetting
• Coaching

It enables managers to identify their intentions and think about whether they are using the managerial styles to best effect. The Leadership Styles Workbook is most effective when used in conjunction with the Organizational Climate Workbook (OCW) as managerial style impacts the climate a manager creates for their team.

• Self-scored
• Paper based
• English

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