Mechanical Ability Test

Measures knowledge of general mechanical concepts, tools, rulers, lifting, assembly.


Hire the most productive, safety-conscious workers

If you’re looking to fill a position that involves mechanical or equipment repair, general building maintenance, knowledge of tools and/or general mechanical concepts, you can’t afford to hire an unskilled or unsafe employee. Not only is an unskilled employee a drain on productivity, but he or she can quickly drive up your workers’ comp rates with unsafe work practices

The Mechanical Ability Test (MAT) provides a reliable and objective measure of an individual’s knowledge of general mechanical concepts. These include use of tools, reading rulers and gauges, proper lifting techniques, mechanical movements, assembly and electrical concepts.

Measures an applicant’s familiarity with:

• Use of tools
• Reading rulers and gauges
• Proper lifting techniques
• Mechanical movements
• Assembly
• Electrical concepts

Product Specifications:

• Number of questions: 30
• Administration time: 10 minutes
• Online tests are loaded at the end of the next business day.

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