Occupational Personality Questionnaire – Managerial/Professional Development

One’s perception of their preferred behavioral style at work and likely performance against important job competencies.


The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32r) provides an indication of an individual’s perception of their preferred behavioral style at work and likely performance against important job competencies. It is designed specifically for use in a business environment and assesses 32 specific personality characteristics. OPQ32r-Managerial/Professional Development includes three reports designed to support the process of on-boarding new managerial staff and professional development. The UCF Development Action Planner provides the manager and/or individual a view of the stronger and weaker competency areas, and suggestions on how to improve in areas of development opportunity. The Team Impact Development report provides a view of how the individual’s performance within the team might be improved, and the Emotional Intelligence report explores how an individual manages feelings and relationships with other people to help facilitate a development plan.

Job Level: Individual Contributor
Localizations Available: US English – Canadian French – Latin American Spanish
Average Testing Time (minutes): 25
Time Allowed (minutes): Untimed
Maximum Number of Questions: 104
Designed for Remote Testing: Yes
Question Format: Adaptive, Multiple Choice
Product Category: Personality and Behavioral

The OPQ32r Managerial/Professional Development assessment generates 3 separate reports:

The Universal Competency Framework (UCF20) in the Development Action Planner Report includes: Deciding & Initiating Action, Leading & Supervising, Working with People, Adhering to Principles & Values, Relating & Networking, Persuading & Influencing, Presenting & Communicating Information, Writing & Reporting, Applying Expertise & Technology, Analyzing, Learning & Researching, Creating & Innovating, Formulating Strategies & Concepts, Planning & Organizing, Delivering Results & Meeting Customer Expectations, Following Instructions & Procedures, Adapting & Responding to Change, Achieving Personal Work Goals & Objectives, Entrepreneurial & Commercial Thinking

Team Impact Competencies (in the Team Impact Development Report): Exploring Possibilities, Evaluating Options, Setting Direction, Committing to Action, Using Networks, Maintaining Cohesion, Staying Focused, Resisting Pressure

Emotional Intelligence Competencies (in the Emotional Intelligence Report): Feelings & Emotions, Personal Insight, Empathy, Social Ease

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