Presentation Skills

Measures the candidate’s knowledge of preparing, delivering, and evaluating presentations.


The Presentation Skills test measures the candidate’s knowledge of the concepts of preparing, delivering, and evaluating a presentation. Designed for any professional who makes presentations, this test includes the following topics: Gathering Information, Learning Material, Pre-Design & Preparation, Presentation Conclusion, Presentation Delivery, Presentation Structure, Presentation Types, Speaking Anxiety, and Types of Visual Aids.

Job Family/Title – Professionals
Languages Available – English (US)
Average Testing Time – (minutes) 24 minutes
Time Allowed (minutes): 90
Maximum Number of Questions: 30
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Unproctored Environment: Yes
Question Format: Multiple Choice – Adaptive Product
Category: Business Skills

Test Topics

Gathering Information
• Background Materials
• Organizing Your Thoughts & Ideas
• Use of Materials

Learning Material
• Memorizing
• Reading from Text
• Rehearsals
• Using Notes
• Using Visual Aids

Pre-design & Preparation
• Audience Analysis
• Mentally Prepared
• Physically Prepared
• Speaker Characteristics

Presentation Conclusion
• Actual Presentation Timing
• Handling Difficult Questions
• Handling Normal Questions
• Modification / Revisions
Presentation Delivery
• Body Movement
• Dress for Success
• Eliminating Verbal & Visual Clutter
• Facial Expressions
• Gestures
• Humor Use
• Supporting Materials
• Voice

Presentation Structure
• Body
• Conclusion
• Introduction
• Main Message
• Transitional Statements

Presentation Types
• Demonstrative
• Impromptu or Extemporaneous
• Informative
• Persuasive

Speaking Anxiety
• Causes, Symptoms of Anxiety
• Mental Techniques
• Physical Techniques
• Visualization

Types of Visual Aids
• Computer Projections
• Diagrams / Charts
• Flip Charts
• Overhead Transparencies
• Props / Models
• The Speaker as a Visual Aid
Market-Led Characteristics
• Formal Market-Scanning System
• Identify Market Drivers
• S.T.E.P. Analysis

• Culture
• Interactive Feedback System
• Management Structure

Satisfying Customers
• Bought When
• Buyers
• Buying Decisions
• What Is Bought

• Niching
• Targeting

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