Workplace Fundamentals (U.S.)

Use the Workplace Fundamentals (U.S.) test to assess a candidate’s knowledge of workplace basics.


Use the Workplace Fundamentals (U.S.) test to assess a candidate’s knowledge of workplace basics.  Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for skills like:

  • Listening Skills
  • Integrity
  • Work Habits
  • Writing Skills

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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The Workplace Fundamentals (U.S.) test measures the candidate’s knowledge of workplace basics. It covers the knowledge and skills needed to function in any type of workplace. This test is designed for anyone in the modern U.S. workforce and includes the following topics: Business Communication, Diversity, Employer Expectations, Human Resources, Legal Issues for Employees, Personal Development, Planning and Scheduling, and Security.

Job Family/Title – Employees
Languages Available – English (US)
Average Testing Time – (minutes) 20 minutes
Time Allowed (minutes): 90
Maximum Number of Questions: 30
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Unproctored Environment: Yes
Question Format: Multiple Choice – Adaptive Product
Category: Business Skills

Test Topics

Business Communication

  • Common Tools
  • Filing
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Writing


  • Attitude and Work Habits
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Discrimination

Employer Expectations

  • Acting with Integrity
  • Common Employee Pitfalls
  • Demonstrating Adaptability
  • Demonstrating Commitment
  • Working Efficiently

Human Resources

  • Common Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Promotion and Performance

Legal Issues for Employees

  • Benefit Programs
  • Employee Rights
  • Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Laws
  • Harassment

Personal Development

  • Career Development
  • Career Planning

Planning and Scheduling

  • Agendas
  • Appointments
  • Meetings and Conferences
  • Travel


  • Information Security
  • Personal Security
  • Physical Security

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