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Can-Do Attitude Test

The Can-Do Attitude Test helps identify applicants with the right attitudes and who will go the extra mile with a smile, listen and are flexible.

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Carpenter Test

Use the Carpentry Test to assess applicants for advanced carpentry skills and abilities needed for framing, print reading, concrete work, finishing, etc.

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Change Reaction

The Change Reaction identifies typical responses to organizational change and helps to better understand the three typical change reactions.

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Checking Accuracy Test

Use the Checking Accuracy Test to identify candidates with the skill to enable them to accurately reading identification numbers, names, and tables.

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Use the ChemTest to assess job candidates for knowledge of chemical principles like Acids, Bases & Salts, Compounds, Elements, Gases & Fluids

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Clerical Skills Test

Use the Clerical Skills Test to accurately determine an applicant’s clerical skill level for all clerical and office roles, including secretaries, accounting clerks, file clerks, shipping and receiving personnel and administrative assistants.

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