Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test II

The standard measure of mechanical comprehension skills since 1945.


NEW – Version II (Fall 2014)

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test® II measures the ability to apply physical and mechanical principles in practical situations. The assessment evaluates an applicant’s problem solving skills and ability to learn new mechanical concepts quickly. It is ideal for use in a wide variety of occupations in production and maintenance.

In response to client requests and preferences, the new report also presents the score in four different ways:

Percentile against a norm reference group

T-scores that are standardized scores used to compare a test taker’s results. A

T-score has a mean of 50 and standard deviation of 10

STANINE (Standard Nine) scores are standardized scores based on a 9-point scale, with a mean of 5 and standard deviation of 2

STEN (Standard Ten) scores are standardized scores based on a 10-point scale, with a mean of 5.5 and a standard deviation of 2

No matter which method of presenting scores is preferred, they all allow for comparison of a test taker’s score relative to the normative reference group. No score is more accurate than another.

Each administration will present 55 items. Administration time is 25 minutes.

The BMCT-II is available in both paper and online formats.


Castilian Spanish
US Spanish
Canadian French
US English

Version II Norms

• Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
• Architecture and Engineering
• Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance
• Cognitive Ability
• Construction
• Construction and Extraction
• Entry Level / Hourly
• Farming, Fishing and Forestry
• Individual Contributor / Professional
• Manager / Executive
• Manufacturing
• Mining, Quarrying and Oil and Gas Extraction
• Production
• Selection
• Supervisor / Hourly
• Transportation and Material Moving
• Transportation and Warehousing
• Utilities
• Waste Management and Remediation

This assessment is only to be administered in a proctored setting. The test administrator will take necessary steps to ensure the test is always administered in a proctored and secure environment.

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