Ability Explorer, Second Edition

The Ability Explorer is designed to help people identify their strongest abilities for career and vocational planning.  For individuals and career counsellors.

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The Ability Explorer, Second Edition is designed to help people identify their strongest abilities for career and vocational planning.  Ideal for individuals and career counselors.

This test provides the answers you need to make informed counselling, guidance and career exploration decisions.

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The Ability Explorer, Second Edition ranks strengths in the 14 abilities important in today’s workplace. In about 30 minutes, individuals learn their strongest abilities, plus related courses, activities, and careers for developing and using these abilities. Written at an 8th grade reading level, this 140-question assessment raises self-awareness and creates a foundation for informed career and educational planning. Individuals are asked to read each statement and then indicate how good they are or would be at doing an activity.

Matches 14 work-related abilities with careers, courses, and activities for future planning

Measures more abilities than traditional aptitude tests, including key soft skills

Ability Explorer, Second Edition measures these 14 abilities:

• Artistic
• Clerical
• Interpersonal
• Language
• Leadership
• Manual
• Musical/Dramatic
• Numerical/Mathematical
• Organizational
• Scientific
• Persuasive
• Spatial
• Social
• Technical/Mechanical

This assessment can be used with groups or individuals. It directly links to career guidance and counseling literature and to resources from the U.S. Department of Labor, particularly the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

It has excellent reliability and validity, was normed on over 8,000 people, and has been tested and used in many states and settings.

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