Work Readiness Profile

Designed to assist in the initial assessment of individuals with disabilities for work.


The WRP is a criterion referenced tool designed to assist in the initial assessment of individuals with disabilities. It focuses on abilities, supports, and empowerment, rather than on the level of disability. It seeks to identify what people can do, rather than what they can not do; recognizes that even substantial limitations coexist with strengths; and assumes that, with appropriate supports, adaptive skills and behaviors can improve. Ratings are totally comparable with ratings for people in the general population and show the level of performance or freedom from handicap.

The 17-page booklet can be self-administered, or completed by someone who knows the client very well.


• Australian norms
• Focuses on abilities, supports and empowerment

Clients are rated on 12 factors:

• Health
• Hearing
• Vision
• Travel
• Movement
• Fine motor skills
• Gross motor skills and strength
• Social and interpersonal skills
• Work adjustment
• Communication effectiveness
• Abilities and skills
• Literacy and numeracy

The Work Readiness Profile will be useful for employers, service providers, and teachers planning actions to meet the workplace and training needs of those leaving schools and adults with disabilities. It may be used as an initial diagnostic tool or in research studying the functioning or changes in functioning of disabled and nondisabled older adolescents and adults.

Purpose: Assess readiness to work

Age Range: Adolescent/Adult

Admin: Individual

Time: 15-20 minutes

Available to professionals with tertiary qualifications in education, human resources, personnel administration, psychology or other relevant discipline, or demonstrated equivalent experience. Tests in this category require some technical knowledge of test construction, use, administration and feedback.


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