ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test

Online test measuring basic principles of physics, mechanics, spatial ability, etc.


The Mechanical Reasoning Test is an on-line test that measures a candidate’s understanding of very basic principles of physics in general and mechanics in particular; the ability to visualize the movement of objects through space (three-dimensional spatial ability); and most importantly, an understanding of cause-effect relationships between mechanical components.

The MRT is ideal for the selection of apprentices, trainees, technical/trade personnel and others involved in work of a mechanical nature. All items are in the form of diagrams. Specific item content is wide ranging and includes, wheels, gears, clamps, levers, sliding rods, shafts, pulleys, weights, conveyor belts, fixed and non-fixed pivots and springs.

Applications – Employee Selection

Benefits – Quickly identify potential, Save on training costs, Hire with confidence, Reduce Turnover

Items – 42
Administration – 20 minutes

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