Electrical Aptitude Test

Measure electrical skills: math, concepts, flow, signals, schematics, sequences etc.


The Electrical Aptitude Test was developed to measure a person’s electrical aptitude in the areas of mathematics, electrical concepts, process flow, signal flow, electrical schematics, and electrical sequences. This assessment can be used to enable a quick evaluation of a person’s electrical aptitude. A B-form and online versions are available.

The Electrical Aptitude Test contains 36 items in a multiple-choice format. In a pilot study of 97 trainees, reliability was .76 with a mean score of 29.13, a standard deviation of 4.05, and standard error of measurement of 1.98. Correlates at .47 with electrical job knowledge. In a sample of 160 technical school trainees, test scores correlated with GPA at .40.

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