Assessment of Multiple Intelligences – Revised (AMI-R)

The Assessment of Multiple Intelligences is a self-assessment tool designed to help individuals identify which specific type of intelligence one possesses and how it can be used to his or her best advantage.


The Assessment of Multiple Intelligences – Revised (AMI-R) is a self-assessment tool designed to help individuals identify which specific type of intelligence one possesses and how it can be used to his or her best advantage.

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Purpose: The Assessment of Multiple Intelligences – Revised (AMI-R), based on the work of Howard Gardiner, will assess the manner in which a person learns best. It will identify which specific type of intelligence an individual possesses and how it can be used to his or her advantage.

No. of questions: 55
Question type: Situational, self-report
Estimated completion time: 20 minutes
Shorter versions of assessment: N/A
Recommended age level: 18+
Qualification Level: Class A
Compliance: APA standards; EEOC standards (disability, ethnicity)
Validation Information:
• Sample Size: 10,135
• Cronbach’s Alpha range: 0.64 to 0.79

Benchmarks: Available (general population and 26 industries)
Interview Questions: Available
Group Comparisons: Available

Report Includes:
• Summary
• Introduction
• Graphs
• Detailed narrative interpretation
• Dominant and Least Developed Intelligence Types
• Advice

Factors and Scales:

Bodily-Kinesthetic: Ability to coordinate bodily movements and/or handle objects skillfully.

Logical-Mathematical: Ability to use logical reasoning to solve a problem. Also involves number and computing skills.

Linguistic: Highly developed capacity to use words effectively, in writing or in speech, as well as to persuade, remember information, and explain.

Visual-Spatial: Highly developed capacity to perceive the visual world accurately and to transform, manipulate and recreate mental images.

Musical: Ability to compose and perform musical patterns recognize pitches, tones, and rhythms.

Intrapersonal: Ability to detect and discern among one’s own feelings (self-knowledge) and the ability to use that knowledge for personal understanding.

Interpersonal: Capacity to understand and interact effectively with others. Ability to discern the moods, temperaments, dispositions, motivations, and desires of other people and respond appropriately.

Naturalistic: Ability to understand and classify the natural environment, particularly vegetation and animals. Includes excellent observational skills and a strong interest in nature.

This product is part of a comprehensive and reliable lineup of online assessments utilizing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technologies to deliver precise scoring and in depth analysis instantaneously in a user-friendly environment. The artificial intelligence engines are constantly tested to improve the AI systems that handle complicated scoring algorithms. The professional tests in this lineup are rigorously developed and based on a thorough statistical analysis. Each one is well researched and designed according to the APA (American Psychological Association) standards for educational and psychological testing





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