At Home Agent With Sales

For job candidates applying to entry-level positions where the main focus of the job is customer service and sales and is performed in a remote work environment.


At Home Agent solution is an assessment used for job candidates applying to entry-level positions where the main focus of the job is customer service and is performed in a remote work environment. Sample tasks for these jobs include, but are not limited to: interacting with customers on the phone to provide information; taking orders; solving product or service issues; responding positively to difficult or irate customers; navigating within multiple applications to find and view customer account details; and typing information quickly and accurately. This solution differs from a standard call center agent solution by adding some assessment content targeting remote work potential. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Call Center Representative, Contact Center Representative, Customer Service Agent, and Customer Service Representative.

Job Levels: Entry Level
Localizations Available: US English
Number of Questions: 116 Items and 4 calls
Approximate Completion Time: 42 minutes
Number of Sittings: One
Designed for Unproctored Environment: Yes
Question Format: Simulation, Multiple Choice,

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Competencies Measured

Navigation: This measures a candidate’s interactions within a realistic contact center environment by providing a workspace that simulates multiple customer service-based applications running on a Windows desktop simultaneously.

Service Orientation: This measures a candidate’s tendency to focus on meeting customers’ needs in a simulated telephone call context. This includes the tone and language used to respond to customers’ questions, apologizing when appropriate, and providing solutions that directly relate to customers’ requests.

Tactful Problem Solving: This measures a candidate’s tendencies to engage in problem solving with customers in the context of simulated telephone calls. This includes acquiring necessary information from both customers and systems to understand the nature of the problem, working through ambiguity to determine the correct answer, and tactfully explaining the resolution of the situation to customers.

Data Entry Speed: This measures a candidate’s ability to listen to and record information received from customers quickly.

Data Entry Accuracy: This measures a candidate’s ability to listen to and record information received from customers accurately.

Contact Center Remote Work Potential: This measures the tendency to be successful in a remote contact center role. This is a trait characterized by having high intrinsic motivation, being organized and proactive, having realistic expectations for work/life balance, having the ability to work diligently without direct supervision and with limited social contact with coworkers, and being comfortable taking risks and working in ambiguous situations.

Professional Potential: This is a measure of the tendency to have potential for professional success across industry type and functional area. This is characterized by scores that are derived from responses to questions regarding academic and social background, and aspirations concerning work.

Persistence: This measures a candidate’s tendency to set specific goals and work hard to achieve these goals. This trait is characterized by: suggesting the best solution for customer needs; being able to direct conversations towards a commitment/order/sale; and continuing to try if not successful the first time.

Multitasking Preferences: This measures a candidate’s preference for engaging in multiple tasks simultaneously, such as talking to customers on the phone while at the same time looking up information on a computer system.

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