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Barriers to Employment Success Inventory – 4th Edition

Identifies hurdles and obstacles that stand in the way of job success.

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Identify Barriers to Getting and Succeeding on a Job

With more than 800,000 copies in print, the Barriers to Employment Success Inventory is the quickest and easiest way for people to identify those hurdles and obstacles that stand in the way of their job success. Though it takes only 20 minutes to complete, this powerful inventory not only helps people conduct a more effective job search, it helps them be more successful on the job as well.

Test takers rate 50 simple statements covering five categories:

• Personal and Financial
• Emotional and Physical
• Career Decision-Making and Planning
• Job-Seeking Knowledge
• Training and Education

The inventory is self-scoring and self-interpreting. Once users have identified their barriers, the BESI suggest ways to overcome them and helps individuals develop an action plan, which can be used in either group or individual career counseling. The BESI is ideal for any career counselor needing to quickly identify those individuals requiring immediate intervention and to help tailor their assistance to meet the specific needs of each client. Valid and reliable, the BESI makes an ideal screening tool for administrators and counselors as well as an empowering motivator for clients.

This new edition features a redesigned layout, updated items, an expanded barriers list, and an updated action plan including informational Web resources to help people overcome their barriers. In addition, the third edition has augmented validity and reliability data, and the administrator’s guide has been expanded to include additional supporting research and administration tips.

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