Transferable Skills Scale

Identifies currently-held skills which are useful and often essential in most jobs.

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Research suggests that only 25% of the skills we use on the job are technical skills specific to that kind of work. The other 75% are transferable skills, i.e. skills which are useful and often essential in most jobs and thus are valued by all employers. Those skills -like the ability to manage a group, create a spreadsheet, or speak persuasively – are especially important to job seekers as such skills can qualify them for a wide variety of positions and give them an edge over their competition. Knowing your best transferable skills allows you to explore jobs based on what you can do, not necessarily based on where you’ve worked in the past. As such, they are especially invaluable for people looking to change careers, enter the workforce, or return to work after a long absence.

The Transferable Skills Scale is a short assessment designed to identify an individual’s strongest transferable skills. Based on the data, people, things, ideas model used extensively by the Department of Labor, it asks individuals to rate their skill levels on a total of 96 tasks. The resulting score helps define their skills levels in eight categories: Analytical, Numerical, Interpersonal, Organizational, Physical, Informational, Communicative and Creative skills. Each skill set is also specifically linked to O*NET job titles, and an Occupational Exploration worksheet helps individuals further research the jobs that match their transferable skills. In addition to the free Administrator’s Guide, a separate resource titled “Tips for Using the Transferable Skills Scale in Career Decision Making and Job Search” will be available for free download and will help people use their TSS results in all aspects of their job search.

How it Works

The assessment asks users to rate their level of skill on 96 general work tasks, representing the most widely used transferable skills in the world of work. Users rate themselves as Highly Skilled, Somewhat Skilled, or A Little or Not Skilled on each item. Users then score those items into 8 scales representative of the most common transferable skills sets: Analytical, Numerical, Interpersonal, Organizational, Physical, Informational, Communicative, and Creative. The assessment then guides users to explore jobs that use the transferable skills sets they scored highest in. The TSS is broken into 5 easy steps and takes 20-25 minutes to complete and score.

Features and Benefits

• The only researched and validated assessment on the market focused on
transferable skills

• Complete in 20-25 minutes

• Easy to use, color-coded design

• Self-scoring and self-interpreting

• Can be used as both a career exploration guide and a job search strategy

• Includes suggested resources for career exploration as well as a
worksheet for comparing possible careers

• Includes job titles from the most recent O*NET database

• Can be given to groups or individuals

• Works well with other JIST products, including O*NET Dictionary of
Occupational Titles, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Best Jobs for Your
Skills, Young Person’s Career Skills Handbook, Getting the Job You
Really Want, and The Very Quick Job Search

• Valid and reliable

• Focuses on what people can do rather than what they want to do: an
excellent companion to personality, interest, and values inventories

• Features five easy steps: (1) Mark Your Answers, (2) Add Your Scores,
(3) Interpret Your Scores, (4) Identify Occupations that Match Your
Skills, (5) Explore Occupations that Match Your Skills

• A free supplement, “Tips for Using the Transferable Skills Scale in
Career Decision Making and Job Search,” shows job seekers how to use
their TSS results throughout the job search process, including exploring
jobs, creating a skills-based resume, and answering interview questions.


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