Basic Banking Skills Inventory (BBSB ™)

Measures error perception, interpersonal skills, leadership, math, number comparison, more.


The BBSB instrument helps provide critical hiring information that is specific to job functions in the financial services industry. Making these assessments part of your selection process can help you:

• Develop a more productive staff
• Build stronger customer loyalty
• Reduce employee turnover
• Attract new business with referrals from satisfied customers
• Reduce absenteeism and on-the-job substance abuse
• Minimize careless errors
• Decrease cash and equipment theft by employees

Used together or separately, the BBSB instrument and Personnel Selection Inventory – Banking assessments provide valuable candidate feedback that will enhance your human resource decisions.

The BBSB assessment helps you measure a prospective teller’s or service representative’s ability to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of the job. The BBSB assessment can help you learn more about an individual’s:

• Ability to detect errors
• Capacity to compare records for accuracy
• Math computation skills
• Interpersonal and leadership abilities
• Self-discipline and drive

What the BBSB Assessment Helps You Measure

• Error Perception
• Interpersonal Skills
• Name Comparision
• Leadership
• Arithmetic Computation
• Math Ability
• Number Comparison
• Self-discipline
• Cognitive Skills
• Motor Ability
• Error Recognition
• Perceptual Skills
• School Achievement
• Drive

Potential Estimate – an overall score that suggests the likelihood that a candidate will be a successful teller or service representative.

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