Electrical Maintenance Trainee

Measure electrical maint. skills: digital/analog, schematics, control AC/DC, PLC etc.


The Electrical Maintenance Trainee test is for use in selecting electrical trainees with one year of training or experience in the following areas:

• Motors;
• Digital & Analog Electronics;
• Schematics & Electrical Print Reading;
• Control;
• Power Supplies;
• Basic AC/DC Theory;
• Construction, Installation & Distribution;
• Test Instruments;
• Computers & PLC;
• Mechanical, Equipment Operation, & Hand & Power Tools;
• Electrical Maintenance.

The Electrical Maintenance Trainee test contains 60 items in a multiple-choice format. In a group of 88 candidates, reliability was .89 with a mean score of 34.08, a standard deviation of 10.19, and standard error of measurement of 3.38.

Sample Question

If the current is 12 amperes and voltage is 15 volts, what is the resistance?

A. .75 ohms
B. .80 ohms
C. .90 ohms
D. 1.25 ohms

Tests are self-scoring, (minimum 20.)

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