Hand-Tool Dexterity Test

Measures tool skills for mechanics, machine operators, maintenance and assembly workers.


Use the Hand-Tool Dexterity test to find out whether your potential employee has the basic skills necessary for any job requiring hand tools, such as aircraft or automobile mechanics, machine adjusters, maintenance mechanics and assembly line workers.

The Hand-Tool Dexterity test consists of a wooden frame 9” X 9” X 18”. The applicant disassembles 12 fasteners according to a prescribed sequence and reassembles the nuts, washers and bolts on the other side.

Taking only five to ten minutes, the test measures manipulative skill independent of intellectual factors, making it suitable for use with applicants with mental or emotional disabilities. The score is determined by how long it take the examinee to complete the test.


• Individual administration
• 5 to 10 minute (stopwatch required)
• Included in the Technical Manual are percentile ranks for maintenance mechanics, technical trainees, physically injured workers, special education and vocational training students and trainees with mental or emotional disabilities.

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