Hospitality I Test

Use the Hospitality I Test to identify candidates who can work with the public, be positive, cheerful, upbeat and hard working.

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Hire the right person with the Hospitality I Test and identify candidates who can work with the public, be positive, cheerful, upbeat and hard working.   Before you invest the time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for skills like:

  • Hostessing
  • Greeting
  • Agreeableness

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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Hire for your hotel desk, front desk, and greeter jobs with this personality test.

Purpose: When you are seeking that next concierge, hostess, greeter, or other hospitality employee, you don’t want to make the wrong choice. a bad decision costs money, time, and aggravation due to high employee turnover.

The hospitality employee test helps you understand a candidate’s personality traits, such as agreeableness (can they get along with people), assertiveness (can they make decisions), moral values and enthusiasm. These are critical traits for the employee’s success, and the success of your company. Why not make the decision easier with good data with concierge and hostesses tests?

For a more advanced version of this test see the Hospitality II Test

What the Test Results Report Gives You: A graphical display of scores of areas covered and an overall recommendation based on the match to each characteristic.

About the Hospitality I Test: This test consists of a 103-question personality inventory. It does not include aptitude questions. This test takes approximately 30 minutes.

Testing Process: Online personality testing provides immediate reporting. Proctoring is desirable but not required.

Options: Contact us to learn how we can customize the hospitality employee personality test content or the way information is presented in the report to meet your specifications. We can also help you validate an assessment for your workforce or establish company-specific scoring.

Validity Information: Available upon request.

The Hospitality I Test Evaluates:

Hospitality I Pre-Employment Test Evaluation Chart

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