Instructional Style Indicator

Improves any educator, teacher, speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach, or instructor.


The Instructional Style Indicator is a compelling communication and learning tool that can instantly improve the instructional performance and results of any educator, teacher, speaker, trainer, facilitator, coach, or instructor. This 16-page self-administered and self-scored assessment helps you and your instructors identify your preferred teaching style pattern.

Are you frustrating your students and participants? Learn how to immediately implement instructional flexibility—to increase your learning impact.

Use the ISI to:

• Hire and Evaluate Instructors
• Confirm Instructional Style
• Determine Instructional Limitations
• Understand How to Teach Different Learning Styles

Use it for:

• Teachers/Educators
• Speakers and Trainers
• Human Resources Managers
• Any Instructors
• Supervisors/Leaders

Instructors are respected or disrespected, based upon their ability to share information in a way that meets participants’ needs—not just the needs of the instructor.

Online Instructional Style Indicator

The Online version can be completed 24/7 as long as you or your client have an Internet connection. The Online version automatically calculates your scores and determines which of the 21 ISI style pattern(s) apply to you. Most individuals complete the Online ISI in just a few minutes.

The Online ISI includes 100% of the content of the print-based ISI assessment and your specific results from the ISI In-Depth Interpretations. The results are stored in your very own Individual Learning Center where you can view, print, or forward (email) them to anyone at any time. The Online ISI also can be completed as part of any Corporate Learning Center (CLC) and stored for use by that individual, group, or organization.

Over 80% of university students state that their classes are boring. Why? Their instructors are not teaching the way those students learn best.

An important companion to the ISI, the 24-page ISI In-Depth Interpretations booklet provides a 1-page expanded description of each of the 21 proprietary ISI instructional style patterns.

The descriptions of each style focus on your:

• Strengths
• Limitations
• Self-Perception
• Instructional Style-Shifting Tips

To increase the success of your participants and students, take the leadership role and responsibility. Shift your instructional style to meet their learning style needs.

Use insights from the ISI In-Depth Interpretations to improve your instructional effectiveness immediately and increase your credibility with your learners.

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