Insurance Selection Inventory

Assess numeracy, reasoning, applied math, error recognition, drive, discipline etc.

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The ISI can help you screen prospective employees for relevant skills and attitudes and evaluate whether they are best suited for claims examiner/adjuster, correspondence representative or customer service representative positions.

Developed specifically for the insurance industry, the ISI assessment can help you:

Identify high-caliber candidates and place them in appropriate positions
Screen for multiple jobs with a single instrument
Optimize time in the pre-employment screening process
Cross-train and promote from within
Enhance service for customers

Number Comparison – A brief test of perceptual speed measured by identifying number pairs.

Verbal Reasoning – The capacity to reason logically as indicated by solutions to verbal problems.

Arithmetic Computation – The ability to perform basic addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Applied Arithmetic – Basic arithmetic skills including computation and working with percentages.

Error Recognition – The ability to estimate correct answers and identify wrong answers to arithmetic problems.

Drive – The individual’s need for upward movement in the organization.

Interpersonal Skills – The ability to listen, stay calm, remain cheerful, and use persuasion and tact.

Cognitive Skills – The ability to reason, remember instructions, learn new tasks, understand written materials, solve problems, sort out facts and make decisions.

Self-Discipline – The ability to be accurate, follow through, concentrate, meet deadlines and accept change. Measures a desire for self-improvement.

Writing Skills – The ability to write understandably.

Work Preference – The individual’s preference for dealing with people or for doing work that involves less personal contact.

Please note: The ISI is not able to be administered online but CAN be scored online and deliver reports to the Administrator’s email address.

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