Intercultural Communication Inventory

Training tool for identifying detailed cultural/communication skills/deficits.


Improves Communication Among Employees of Diverse Cultures

A simple, highly effective way to improve the quality of communication and relationships among employees of different cultural backgrounds: Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans, Arabs and other employees of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

The Intercultural Communication Inventory is a learning instrument that consists of 25 items in the form of an objective test. Learning is accomplished by a facilitator led review and discussion of responses to the test items. The instrument is most effective when used as a training course aid to increase awareness and understanding about intercultural communication concepts and principles including these key issues:

• Work Force Diversity
• Cultural Shock
• Language and Accent
• Body Language and Gestures
• Communication Distortions
• Cultural Misunderstanding
• Customs and Traditions
• Ethnocentrisms

The ICI can serve equally well as an “ice breaker” or as a closure exercise. It can be used to stimulate discussion about work force diversity, communication, intercultural awareness and as an excellent supplement to EEO and affirmative action training.

A “must have” for any organization that is serious about preparing its managers, supervisors and employees at all organizational levels to deal with the challenges and opportunities presented by the largest growing segment of the work force of the new millennium.

You receive coded, online access to a complete set of masters for the reproduction of participant booklets, plus facilitator’s guide with administration and scoring guidelines. One-location licensing is provided for a 5 year period.

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