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Maintenance Technician Test

Measures ability to handle complex tasks, friendliness, stability, dependability and communication.


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Purpose: This online aptitude & personality test will help you identify maintenance technician candidates with the intelligence for handling complicated mechanical tasks and a cooperative and friendly attitude who are stable and dependable, communicate well, and use their time productively. When people come to you saying they have specific expertise and education, our test can help you evaluate whether they have the skills to back up their claim.

About the Test: This test battery has five separate aptitude tests and a personality inventory consisting of:

• 20-minute-pattern series test of general abstract reasoning that evaluates the ability to learn quickly and handle complex information.

• 15-minute math test (8th grade level of competency) presenting problems typical of an industrial setting.

• 20-minute mechanical reasoning test that evaluates people’s understanding of basic mechanical and physical principles of everyday life.

• 16-minute reading test (8th grade competency level) presenting scenarios typical of an industrial setting.

• 5-minute 3-D reasoning test that evaluates if the candidate can visualize how parts fit together inside a whole object or machine.

• Technical Drawing for manufacturing settings test: 20 multiple-choice questions, untimed.

• 145-question online personality test.

Time Requirements: Portions of this assessment are timed, but a large part is not so candidates will vary in how long they require to complete it. You should plan on at least 2.5 hours testing time.

What the Report Gives You: A graphical display of scores of areas covered (see chart), explanation of aptitude results, list of strengths and developmental concerns, and suggested interview questions.

Testing Process: Online personality testing provides immediate reporting. Proctoring is desirable but not required.

Options: Contact us to learn how we can customize the test content for your hiring process or the way information is presented in the report to meet your specifications. We can also help you validate an assessment for your workforce or establish company-specific scoring.

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