Mechanical Technician Tests

Identify metals/mfg candidates for hydraulics, print reading, welding, power transmission.


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The Mechanical Technician C, B, and A tests are for use in selecting metals or manufacturing candidates who have knowledge or experience in the following areas: Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Print Reading, Power Transmission & Lubrication, Pumps & Piping, Mechanical Maintenance Principles.

Each level progresses in complexity, with Mechanical Technician A being the most advanced.

Assesses: Knowledge of mechanical maintenance
Skill Level: Highest above journey-level (A level)
Test Format: 60 Items , Multiple-choice
Language: English

Sample Question

The capacity of a piston metering pump can be changed by varying the
A. vane spacing.
B. connecting rod stroke.
C. impeller size.
D. drive motor speed.

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