Picture Interest Career Survey

Career exploration tool for those with limited reading skills or special needs.

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Now there is an easy way for people with limited reading ability or special needs to explore their career interests and find a job that fits. The Picture Interest Career Survey (PICS) is a quick way for people to identify occupational interests by using pictures of people at work rather than text-based items.

Test takers are presented with 36 sets of 3 pictures and choose which of the three portrayed occupations seems most interesting. Based on the number and kind of pictures selected, PICS creates a profile of the individual which then can lead directly to career information and potential job matches. The assessment takes less than fifteen minutes to complete and score, and it is suited to both genders and all backgrounds. It can be self-administered and self-scored, given individually or in groups, and is ideally suited to today’s changing workforce. PICS has solid reliability and validity, and has been tested on a wide variety of populations.

Being picture-based and easy to use makes PICS the perfect choice for individuals who might struggle with more traditional, text-based assessments including

• Individuals with limited familiarity with English.
• Individuals who are developmentally delayed or learning disabled.
• Individuals with limited access to education.
• Individuals who are chronically unemployed.

PICS uses two of the most widely accepted occupational coding systems—RIASEC and people, data, things, ideas. Test takers can easily deepen their career research by matching their test results with references that are based on these same systems.

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