Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders

This book coaches ex-offenders through the 7 key stages of their job search.


Seven Steps to Finding a Job Fast

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, over two-thirds of released prisoners are rearrested within three years. Studies have shown (and common sense dictates) that one of the top factors in preventing recidivism is steady employment. Yet most individuals coming out of incarceration lack the fundamental tools and information they need to conduct a successful job search. They need a short and accessible guide that speaks directly to their concerns, barriers, skills, and goals.

Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders helps ex-offenders find a job quickly. Using Mike Farr’s time-tested techniques, combined with additional tips and guidance from Maurice Stevens – a career counselor who works extensively with ex-offenders – this book coaches ex-offenders through the 7 key stages of their job search:

• Step 1: Create a Positive Image and Environment
• Step 2: Identify Your Skills
• Step 3: Identify Job Targets
• Step 4: Get Your Documents in Order
• Step 5: Use the Two Most Effective Job Search Methods
• Step 6: Dramatically Improve Your Interviewing Skills
• Step 7: Follow Up on All Job Leads

Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders covers much of the same material as Quick Job Search, 4th Edition, but it also addresses the issues that individuals coming out of incarceration face, including:

• Meeting basic needs
• Establishing a support network
• Identifying and emphasizing transferable skills
• Setting realistic occupational goals (within legal and educational restrictions) and taking the “long-view” on career management
• Addressing their incarceration in resumes, cover letters, job applications, and interviews.
• Providing evidence of rehabilitation
• Taking advantage of federal hiring initiatives

Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders also includes two appendices, an “Essential Job Search Data Worksheet” that job seekers can use to fill out applications or create a resume, and a new appendix, “The First 30 Days on the Job,” which gives ex-offenders tips for how to keep the job they get and impress their supervisor. A brief instructor’s guide with tips for using the booklet in a variety of settings will be available for free.


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