Quick Style Indicator

Condensed version of the Personal Style Indicator for students and general audiences.


Are you ready to assess large groups of people in a fast, effective manner?

The Quick Style Indicator (QSI) is the condensed yet no less impactful version of the Personal Style Indicator (PSI). With 12 pages instead of the PSI’s 20 pages, it is written at a Grade 6 reading level.

The QSI is quick and easy to administer to students as young as 14 or 15 years of age or in large general public settings. It helps individuals instantly develop style awareness of self and others, increasing understanding, improving communications and reducing interpersonal conflicts.

Use the QSI to:

• Build Teams
• Increase Trust
• Grow Families
• Improve Communications

Use it for:

• Students
• Teens
• Teams
• General Audiences

Note: The QSI is used with the Personal Style Indicator In-Depth Interpretations to deepen the impact.

Style assessment is complex, yet when approached in a systematic manner, it becomes more manageable and offers you a tool for increased clarity in self-understanding and improved relationships with others.

Theory and research indicate that four main styles are useful in describing human behaviour.

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