Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP)

Assess initiative, planning, assertiveness, competitiveness, patience, confidence and more.

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The SalesAP measures traits that are critical to success in sales, as well as related fields such as customer service, sales management, marketing and public relations. Many things such as inhibitions about cold calling, reluctance to ask for a sale or poor motivation to follow through on the job are not apparent in an interview or resume. The SalesAP will identify these traits for you. Validated against actual sales performance, the SalesAP helps industrial psychologists, human resources professionals, sales managers and business owners to select, place and train sales people. It meets all EEOC guidelines.

Composed of 140 items and written at a 6th-grade reading level, the SAP has 18 scales:

• Sales Disposition
• Initiative/Cold Calling
• Sales Closing
• Achievement
• Motivation
• Competitiveness
• Planning
• Initiative
• Teamwork
• Managerial Style
• Assertiveness
• Personal Diplomacy
• Extroversion
• Patience
• Cooperativeness
• Self-Confidence
• Relaxed Style
• Goal Orientation

Validity scales are also included that identify applicants who are exaggerating strengths or minimizing weaknesses – and the scores of those applicants are automatically adjusted. In addition, the report included recommendations for training and motivation.

Your clients or applicants can complete the SAP on your computer. Have your client respond to the items as they appear on the screen and then instantly score the administration and generate an Interpretive Report.

The report places the respondent in one of three categories:

• Highly Recommended for Sales,
• Recommended with areas that could be improved
• Not Recommended.

While other sales tests attempt to tell you whether applicants can sell, the SalesAP tells you whether they will sell. It stresses sales motivation, identifying individuals who will actually follow through once they’ve got the job. And it makes a clear distinction between cold-calling and closing skills – helping you place salespeople where they will do the most good.

You can also use the SalesAP to not only predict sales success but also to find out why your current sales people are not working up to their potential, how to motivate them, and how to supervise them more effectively.

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