For over 25 years, SkillCheck® tests have been helping organizations across the globe identify candidates with the right skills, knowledge and abilities for the job. Hundreds of ready-to-use test titles are available, along with a mobile-enabled platform featuring integrations with many of the top ATS and HRIS providers. We partner with our clients to provide the best value in the assessments industry. We focus on providing a great candidate testing experience, regardless of the device being used. Our competitive and flexible pricing, along with our large library of proven solutions makes it easy to get started and begin realizing value quickly.

The SkillCheck® assessments offer a vast array of more than 500 different assessment titles.

Hallmark products feature performance-based tests for MicrosoftTM Office. The assessments are provided via Internet deployment and deliver a powerful combination of performance-based and knowledge-based questions.

They cover the broadest range of clerical, software, call center, financial, healthcare, industrial, legal, and technical candidate competencies.

SkillCheck® assessments can help you to:

• Measure necessary skills & competencies by choosing assessments from our extensive library.
• Assessments tied to our Performance Excellence Model
• Companies using SkillCheck® assessments
o are 2 times more likely to be Best-In-Class
o achieve greater year-over-year improvements

Other Advantages:

Tons of Assessments – SkillCheck® offers one of the largest and highest-quality assessment libraries in the world, and we are always developing new tests. Choose from a wide variety of skills, knowledge, behavioral and cognitive titles to measure exactly what you need.

Mobile-Enabled – We built the testing process for candidates from the ground up to look great on phones and tablets as well as standard PCs.

Assessments that Work – Wondering if your applicants really have what it takes? Can they do it, will they do it, do they want to do it? SkillCheck® can provide detailed answers to let you know how candidates will fit into your culture.

Multi-Purpose – Assessments shouldn’t be limited to the hiring process. SkillCheck® also enables employers to benchmark current staff to create employee training and development programs, as well as assist with your interview process.

Assessment Categories


• Occupational knowledge and skills
• Hundreds of configurable test for a range of industries and jobs
• Over 200 new and revised/ refreshed titles
• Regularly reviewed and updated to ensure relevance and accuracy
• MS Office 2013 launched in 2014
• Leader in skills assessment for 25 years
• Simple, efficient, lower cost method for confirming applicants’ job “know how”
• High level of face validity, minimizing risk of challenge


• Behavioral and cognitive ability tests
• New Workplace Reasoning Assessment
• Configurable tests for nearly every job including front-line and professional level roles
• Content includes biodata, personality, & situational judgment in every scale
• Unique ability to measure cognitive ability in unproctored scenarios with cognitive biodata
• Predict job performance, risk for attendance and turnover issues, and objective metrics
• High level of face validity, minimizing risk of challenge


• Highly realistic simulations
• Provides direct measurement of critical skills
• Candidates preview the job
• Highly configurable software simulations
• Best-in-class technology and flexibility in intelligent media simulations
• First to market and extremely comprehensive software simulations
• Predict job performance and objective performance measures
• Highly face valid

Product Groups (Contact us for a complete list of titles available)

• Accounting
• Bank Teller
• Behavioral/Cognitive Profile
• Call Center Skills
• Checking
• Coding
• Customer Service
• Data Entry
• DeltaView
• Digital Literacy
• Filing
• Finance
• Food Service Skills
• Gaming Skills
• Grammar
• Industrial Safety
• Industrial Skills
• Legal Knowledge
• Light Industrial Skills
• Lotus Notes
• Math
• Medical Knowledge
• Medical Office Skills
• Microsoft Access
• Microsoft Excel
• Microsoft FrontPage
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Microsoft Outlook
• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Project
• Microsoft Publisher
• Microsoft Windows
• Microsoft Word
• Nursing Knowledge
• Office Manager Skills
• Peachtree
• Postal Codes
• Programming Skills
• Proofreading
• QuickBooks
• Reading Comprehension
• Receptionist Skills
• Retail Sales Skills
• Secretarial Skills
• Shorthand
• Spelling
• Staffing Knowledge
• Telemarketing Skills
• Telephone Skills
• Ten Key Test
• Transcription
• Translation – Spanish to English
• Typing Test
• Vocabulary
• Workplace English Usage (Spanish)

Please contact us for additional information and pricing on these and the other many SkillCheck® tools available.


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