Work Motivation Scale

Formerly called the Work Orientation and Values Survey, helps assess work values and motives.

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(Formerly called the Work Orientation and Values Survey.)

• Now measures both work values and motives.

• Provides a quick way to identify the factors influential to a person’s job satisfaction and success.

• Allows individuals to focus their career exploration or assess their current career situation.

Career satisfaction and success depends upon finding work that meets your needs and fits your values.

The Work Motivation Scale helps individuals explore their needs and values—the key factors that motivate them to not only do their work, but to find fulfillment through it. As a revision of the Work orientation and Values Survey (WOVS), this assessment has been reconfigured to include new research on motivation, has been revised and retested, and is more user-friendly.

In the assessment, test takers rate 32 brief statements about what motivates them. These statements are scored for eight work values and included in one of four motivation levels. Based on their results, test takers can focus their career exploration or re-evaluate their current job situation to make more informed decisions. A worksheet helps users plan for a more satisfying and rewarding career.

Reading level Grade 8
Interest level High School-Adult

Package of 25. Self-scoring, self-interpreting, consumable, no other components needed. Free Administrator’s Guide included in each package

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