Advanced Multidimensional Personality Matrix Abridged – 3rd Revision

An overarching and comprehensive assessment of a person’s personality.

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The AMPM – Ab is based on the Five Factor Model credited to Costa, McRae, and Goldberg. It is an overarching and comprehensive assessment of a person’s personality.

No. of questions: 75
Question type: Self-assessment, situational, multiple choice
Estimated completion time: 15 minutes
Longer versions of assessment: N/A
Recommended age level: 18+
Compliance: APA standards; EEOC standards (gender, age, ethnicity)

Benchmarks: (general population, 25 industries)
Group Comparisons: Available

Use For:
• Pre-employment
• Personal development
• Team building
• Leadership development
• Sales and customer service training

Report Includes:

• Summary
• Introduction
• Graphs
• Detailed narrative interpretation
• Customized advice
• Impression Management

Factors and Scales:

5 scales assessed:

• Emotional Stability: Assesses overall emotional strength and the ability to withstand stress.
• Extroversion: Refers to whether a person prefers interacting with others or enjoys spending time on his/her own.
• Openness: Extent to which a person seeks out new experiences and is receptive to different views and people.
• Agreeableness: Refers to how likeable, approachable, and cooperative a person is.
• Conscientiousness: Measures how organized, reliable and rule-abiding a person is.

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