Workplace Personality Inventory II

Measures 16 work styles: persistence/initiative/self-control/stress/dependability and more.


Gain A Complete View Of A Candidate’s Personality And How They Might Behave On The Job

It is an innovative assessment based around sixteen key work styles, or work-related personality traits, shown to be important to job success in a wide range of occupations. In addition to the sixteen work styles, the WPI contains an “Unlikely Virtues” scale designed to identify individuals who present an overly favorable image of themselves in responding to questions.

Use the WPI in your organization to:

• Identify 16 key personality competencies necessary for success in a job (or customize the scales to fit a specific job): Achievement/Effort, Persistence, Initiative, Leadership Orientation, Cooperation, Concern for Others, Social Orientation, Self-Control, Stress Tolerance, Adaptability/Flexibility, Dependability, Attention to Detail, Integrity/Dutifulness, Independence, Innovation, Analytical Thinking

• Reduce turnover and increase productivity when you hire individuals with the personal style that best meets your needs.

• Detect response distortion, often referred to as “faking”.

• Predict what people might say and do in specified job-related contexts.

WPI Norms:

• Executives & Directors
• Customer Service Reps.
• Managers
• Working Adults in the United States
• Administrative Personnel

New Version – Workplace Personality Inventory II

The Workplace Personality Inventory – II (WPI-II) is a flexible assessment that builds upon the original WPI that measures 16 work styles directly tied to the Department of Labor’s O*Net database of key traits for a wide range of jobs. In addition to the original sixteen Work Style scales, the WPI-II describes pertinent job-related traits as summarized in six Domain scales. The traits assessed with the WPI–II comprise six domains: Achievement Orientation, Interpersonal Orientation, Social Influence, Self Adjustment, Conscientiousness, and Practical Intelligence.

Included is a fake-resistant “Unlikely Virtues” scale designed to identify individuals who provide overly favorable responses to questions. The WPI-II measures personality-based factors that are proven to predict success in a wide range of O*Net defined jobs. Administration time is approximately 35 minutes (untimed).

WPI-II Norms:

• Administrative Support
• Customer Service Reps.
• Executives/Directors
• General Labour
• Managers
• Sales Reps.
• Skilled Trades

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