Assembly Skills Test

Measures Spatial skills, Assembly skills, Attention to detail, Basic skills in interpreting illustrated instructions

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A simple way to test job applicants’ assembly skills

The Assembly Skills Test includes drawings of 20 unassembled objects, each of which must be mentally assembled by the applicant, who then must identify what the object will look like once assembled. Perfect choice for assembly line, mechanical, or inspection jobs requiring spatial skills.

Before you hire someone for an assembly position, test his or her skills with this simple-to-administer paper and pencil test. In only five minutes, this simple screening test helps to identify:

• Spatial skills
• Assembly skills
• Attention to detail
• Basic skills in interpreting illustrated instructions

Product Specifications:

• Number of questions: 20
• Administration time: 5 minutes
• Online tests are loaded at the end of the next business day.

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