Basic Computer Literacy V.2

Assesses ability to manage files, use Windows OS, software and internet.


The Basic Computer Literacy V2 assessment evaluates a candidate’s knowledge of general computer terms. It also determines a candidate’s ability to manage files, work with a Windows operating system and application software, access and browse the Internet, and send e-mails. It consists of both multiple choice and simulation items.

Job Family/Title: Computer User
Average Testing Time (minutes): 15
Time Allowed (minutes): 35
Number of Questions: 30 (16 simulation and 14 multiple choice)
Designed for Unproctored Environment: Yes
Question Format: Simulation and Multiple Choice
Product Category: Software Skills

This test measures proficiency in using a computer.

Test Topics Questions / Topic
Application Software 4
Computer Terms 6
Internet and E-mail 5
Managing Files 6
Operating System 4
Parts of the Computer 5

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