Behavioral Interviewing (U.S.)

Screen experienced human resources professionals and hiring managers for knowledge of basic concepts utilized in behavioral interviewing with this effective tool.

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Screen experienced human resources professionals and hiring managers for knowledge of basic concepts utilized in behavioral interviewing with the Behavioral Interviewing (U.S.) test.  Before you invest time and money to train a new employee, test your applicants for:

  • Information Seeking
  • Concern For Order
  • Communication Skills
  • Behavioural Traits
  • Situational Leadership

This test provides the answers you need to make informed hiring and promotion decisions.

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The Behavioral Interviewing (U.S.) test is designed for experienced human resources professionals and hiring managers. This test measures the candidate’s knowledge of basic concepts utilized in behavioral interviewing, an approach based on the assumption that past behavior predicts future behavior. The test covers the following topics: Analysis, Behavioral Interviewing Techniques, Behavioral Traits, Business Dynamics, Communication, Concern for Order and Quality, Forms, Information Seeking, Interview Process, Legal Obligations, Oral/Written Communication, and Situational Leadership.

Job Family/Title – Human Resources
Languages Available – English (US)
Average Testing Time – 30 minutes
Time Allowed (minutes): 3 min. per question

Test Topics

• Calculating Score/Rating Assessment
• Cause/Effect Relationships
• Compiling Data/Facts
• Deciphering Data
• Decision-making

Behavioral Interview Techniques
• Analyzing Situations/Data
• Designing Questions
• Editing
• Interviewing Techniques
• Planning Systematically

Behavioral Traits
• Behavior Identification
• Behavior Observation
• Discretion
• Independent Judgment
• Organizational Behavior Principles/Practices
• Performance Evaluation
• Performance Management Measures/Processes

Business Dynamics
• Business Planning
• Business Products/Services
• Culture Awareness
• Diversity Awareness
• Workflow and Product Process Flows

• Basic Communication Model
• Listening
• Non-verbal Communication

Concern for Order and Quality
• Conceptual Thinking
• Delegation
• Prioritizing
• Quality Systems
• Sequencing Data/Activities
• Validating Information

• Creating Forms
• Interview Guides, Forms, Evaluations
• Organization of Forms
• Recording Information in Forms
• Sorting Forms/Files

Information Seeking
• Interpreting Statistical Information
• Managing Acquired Data
• Record Keeping
• Researching
• Soliciting Input
• Time Management
• Updating Information

Interview Process
• Coordinating Activities/Events
• Designing Products/Activities
• Examining
• Facilitating
• Interviewing
• Scheduling Interview/Meetings

Legal Obligations
• Employment Equity
• Government Legislation
• Human Rights
• Investigating
• Monitoring Laws/Legislation

Oral/Written Communication
• Counseling
• Group Facilitation
• Negotiation
• Verbal Communication
• Written Communication
Situational Leadership
• Coaching
• Conflict Resolution
• Empathy
• Leadership Styles
• Motivating
• Self-control

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