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Use the Entrepreneurial Edge™ to measure the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success and provides a robust understanding of those competencies that are imperative to ones success in any endeavor that can benefit from an entrepreneurial understanding or perspective.

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Use the Entrepreneurial EDGE to measure the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success and provides a robust understanding of those competencies that are imperative to ones success in any endeavor that can benefit from an entrepreneurial understanding or perspective.

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The Entrepreneurial EDGE™ can help you evaluate your potential for success and satisfaction in your chosen enterprise. This information can help whether you are: Starting your Business; Funding your Business; Growing your Business; or Re-charging your Business.

The Entrepreneurial Edge measures the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success and provides a robust understanding of those competencies that are imperative to ones success in any endeavor that can benefit from an entrepreneurial understanding or perspective.  A revision of the original Entrepreneur Edge, this assessment was developed to fill the gap in the entrepreneur world. Knowing your entrepreneurial self is an asset as critical as having the financial resources to start or grow your venture.  With two different report options available, Intrapreneur Report and Entrepreneur Report (coming soon), both individuals and organizations can measures the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success.

The Entrepreneurial EDGE measures the competencies needed for entrepreneurial success, whether you’re building a company as an entrepreneur or innovating within an organization as an intrapreneur. Measuring your scores across 12 key entrepreneurial competencies, the Entrepreneurial EDGE includes tailored advice for leveraging strengths and improving areas of development across every stage of the innovation cycle.

The Intrapreneur Report is meant for those looking to innovate within an organization. Whether you are starting a new venture, marketing your innovation, finding ways to grow, or renewing ideas to avoid stagnation, the Intrapreneur Report can help you.

Key Features:

  • 12 Competencies over 4 Action modes
  • Tailored advice for leveraging entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial strengths
  • Tailored advice for building entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial development areas
  • Designed to be applicable for every stage of an entrepreneur or intrapreneur’s venture

Age Range: 18 years and up

Administration Time: 20-30 minutes

Administration Type: Self-report

Over 20 years of extensive research into entrepreneurs has guided the development of this powerful tool. The tool provides the mission critical information about you, the key driver of the entrepreneur enterprise. It is designed to help you gain insight into family-of-origin contributions and be more aware of your entrepreneurial behavior in the following four areas:

1. Mindset (including Independent Minded, Risk Tolerant, Knowledge Seeker, Innovator, Achiever, and Optimistic).
2. Self-Management (including Action Orientation, Analytical, Multi-Tasker, Stress Motivated, and Self Directed)
3. Dealing with Others (including Initiator, Networker, Explorer)
4. Business Orientation (including Opportunistic, Strategic, and Proactive)

Once you enter your responses, you will be able to print your report that will show your patterns in 17 scales the behaviors that matter in entrepreneurial endeavors. Use the Entrepreneur EDGE™ development guide to zero in on your action plan. The Success Factors and Entrepreneur Competencies serve as a guide on the proven what and how to help you accelerate your success as an entrepreneur and gain your EDGE.

The Entrepreneur EDGE suite of products is designed to be one of your key business resources; a tool that can help guide your success over the long term.

Entrepreneurial EDGE™ Personal Profile

The first tool to distinguish your preference to be an entrepreneur vs. a conventional career.

  • Do you want to know if you prefer an entrepreneurial career or a more conventional career?
  • Do you want to know how your entrepreneurial behavior stacks up to other entrepreneurs?
  • Are you curious to explore how your current behavior needs to be adjusted to set the stage for entrepreneurial success?
  • Do you need clarity on the way your perspectives play into how you work and what that means for you as an entrepreneur?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, click below to get your Entrepreneur EDGE™ Profile.
  • You will get immediate feedback in a full report that covers the 4 Success Factors, 17 Entrepreneur Competencies, and the Family Dimensions in this book.

Entrepreneur EDGE™ Effectiveness Guide

The first book to outline entrepreneur competences and how to develop them.

  • Loaded with action tips, learning suggestions, and resources for further exploration, the Entrepreneur EDGE™ Effectiveness Guide is a practical, time-saving, and potentially career-saving resource.
  • With each chapter on the 4 Success Factors and 17 Entrepreneur Competencies you receive a description of skilled and unskilled behaviors in each of the entrepreneur success factors. Action tips, learning resources, and research summaries provide you with a wealth of knowledge on how to enhance your success as an entrepreneur.
  • With the Tool Boxes, you can identify a specific area of concern or interest and find those tips that are most relevant to you.
  • Complete with an action plan, the book gives you a step-by-step guide on maximizing your strengths and developing your stretch areas.

About The Authors

Roger Pearman, Ed.D.
R. Daniel Parks
Barry Phillips
Marcus C. King

Your Entrepreneur EDGE™ is the result of a collaboration of writers who are highly experienced in entrepreneur development and business growth strategies. Between them, the authors have consulted with thousands of entrepreneurs in small to midsize businesses at all stages of their business development.

The authors have had working relationships with key small business service providers including the Small Business Administration, Small Business Development Centers, Community Colleges, SCORE, Veterans Business Centers, Women’s Business Centers, Procurement & Technical Assistance Centers, and Export Assistance Centers.


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