Food Service Assessments

Skillcheck FS measures hygiene, food storage, infestation, disease prevention, more.

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The SkillCheck Food Services Assessments measure critical job competencies for workers in the food services industry.

See the SkillCheck tests for 100’s of other computer-based skills and computing assessments (i.e. Word, Excel, WordPerfect, C++) etc.

The Food Services test package covers a wide range of subjects such as food hygiene, food storage, infestation control, disease prevention, clinical nutrition, food preparation techniques, sanitation and safety, and much more.

Use these tools to:

• Assess basic knowledge in clinical nutrition, recognizing world cuisines, cooking utensils and equipment, as well as food preparation techniques.

• Screen applicants or employees in the basics of food hygiene, food storage and handling, disease prevention, hand washing, pest control and infestation prevention.

• Food Services tests are available on CD or over the Internet.

Available Food Services Tests:

• Food Services – General
• Food Services – Nutrition
• Food Services – Preparation
• Food Services – Safety/Sanitation
• Food Services – Bar Management/Bartender
• Food Services – Wait Staff
• Food Services – Wine Terminology

Advanced Reporting

Food Services reports features provide more information and more views of examinees test results, all at the click of a mouse. This advanced capability enables you to analyze a candidate’s test performance in relation to that of other test takers. And new profile reports can display data from all tests taken by a single candidate, or all candidates who have taken a particular test.

The Food Services tests include questions with real-world examples and illustrations.

New advanced reporting allows you to view individual and group test scores with graphs and other formatting and analysis.

Test administrators can customize tests any number of ways – even create their own questions.

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