Job Safety Test

50-Question assessment of Apprentice-level job safety skills.



Assesses: Job Safety
Skill Level: Apprentice
Test Format: 50 Items, Multiple-choice
Language: English
Format: Paper/Online

Measures the following:

A. Climbing Safety
1. Scaffold Construction
2. Scaffold Usage
3. Ladder Usage
4. Climbing Safety Equipment
5. Climbing Technique

B. Rigging Safety
1. Rigging Equipment Usage
2. Troubleshooting
3. Positioning
4. Hoist Placement
5. Guide Lines
6. Hitches

C. Machine Safety
1. Lockout/Tagout
2. Pneumatic Equipment
3. Flywheels
4. Machine Guards
5. Power Tool Safety
6. Hand Tool Safety
7. Grinder Safety

D. Electrical Safety
1. Live Electrical Equipment
2. Disconnect Devices
3. Electrical Switches
4. Batteries
5. Wire Safety
6. Grounding

E. Industrial Safety
1. Chemical Safety
2. Hazardous Materials
3. Protective Equipment
4. Fire Safety
5. Batteries
6. Confined Spaces
7. Excavation Safety

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